8/20-HD-Dubbing 2017
The Ex-man-My Ex-Man
13/13-HD-Subtitle 2018
Meet Me @ 1006- Meet Me at 1006
26/44-HD-Subtitle 2018
Naew Suthai-Naew Suthai
12/22-HD-Subtitle 2018
Tree In The River-Animal Department
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2018
The Perfect Match-極品絕配
22/18-HD-Subtitle 2017
Family Time-Suan Tian Zhi Wei
11/15-HD-Subtitle 2017
Golden Darling-Yes That's How It Is
54/54-HD-Subtitle 2016
Refresh Man-後菜鳥的燦爛時代
17/17-HD-Subtitle 2016
Love Around-真愛黑白配
21/21-HD-Subtitle 2013
Zhong Wu Yan-鍾無艷
31/31-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
The Legend Of Hero-中华英雄
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2007
Death Girl-Gloomy Salad Days
20/20-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
Another Woman-234 Shuo ai ni
HD-Subtitle 2015
Dark Blue And Moonlight-深藍與月光
12/12-HD-Subtitle 2017
Stray Dogs-Jiao you
HD-Subtitle 2013
See You In Time-已讀不回的戀人
2/20-HD-Subtitle 2017
Love Sick-Love Phobia
HD-Subtitle 2011
Memory Love-Memory Love
17/18-HD-Subtitle 2017
At Cafe 6-六弄咖啡馆
HD-Subtitle 2016
Wake Up 2-麻醉風暴2
13/20-HD-Subtitle 2017
Mole of Life-Mole of Life
HD-Subtitle 2016
HD-Subtitle 2014
Au revoir Taipei-Yi ye Taibei
HD-Subtitle 2010
Maverick-Cai niao
HD-Voice Subtitle 2015